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July 18, 2008


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When I daydream about early retirement, I think about how nice it would be to feel balanced. I'd wake up after 8-10 hours of sleep and let my mood dictate my day. It would be amazing to have the time to cook fresh meals, exercise, and read different books on a regular basis. I imagine that my skin would look great and I wouldn't feel so aged. It's good to know that it really is like that and not one of those "the grass is greener on the other side" things.

Retired Syd

J: Well another thing I learned is that if I didn't truly love doing something before I retired, retirement hasn't make me want to do it any more. For example, I love the IDEA of cooking wonderful meals, but really, still never have the energy (and I guess the actual desire) to cook--too many other things I'd rather do. Same with exercise, but I do make myself do that--I know I'll need that in the long run!

But you know, I think my skin DOES look better (and for sure my nails!) I wonder if it's the 9 hours of sleep each night?

Ned Smith

Now, in my eightieth year, retired since, 1999, There some things that I miss:
like 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep and stimulating company- intelligent, challenging conversation. I would love to taste a good Burgundy and savor a chocolate dessert but I realized that sugar and alcohol are not components of a happy, healthy lifestyle for me anymore (they never really were)
Yet, I enjoy playing tennis 3 or 4 times a week and swimming a half-mile weekly. I cycle when the weather becomes bearable and enjoy the company of my children and grandchildren. I read and write and ponder.

Retired Syd

Ned: Seems like you've earned some Burgundy and chocolate with all that tennis and swimming--go ahead! But glad you're not skimping on writing and pondering.

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