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November 21, 2010


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A post with sex in the headlines....that always grabs 'em (Marketing 101).

I saw the same study and am not surprised at the finding. It just makes sense that a wandering mind indicates someone isn't fully engaged in what he is doing and may be less than happy.

Is it possible the study had the premise backwards? You mind wanders when you are doing something that doesn't fully satisfy you, even if supposedly pleasurable, rather than you are less happy when your mind wanders. It seems the wandering mind is the effect, not the cause of the unhappiness.

Or, did my mind wander while trying to figure this out?


Sex, it seems is an activity where the mind doesn’t tend to wander

Depends who you're having sex with I expect!

I've certainly frittered away days off work getting up late, fooling around online and pottering around the house. Look up and suddenly it's 7pm! So I can see that a lot of that would make your retirement pretty miserable.

Mother of three

Perhaps the fact that my mind occasionally wandered during sex is part of the reason my marriage only lasted 25 years.


I thought the NYT times article was really interesting.

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