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February 26, 2011


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Congratulations! Not having any clue what day it is is a huge milestone in retirement.

Kay Lynn Akers

You make retirement sound really nice and relaxing. I sometimes have to think really hard about what day it is on vacation and love that feeling!


I have the same problem. Even though important dates and appointments are on my computer, I still need a more aggressive reminder. So, I have developed the habit of writing the appointment in big black letters on a steno pad. I lay the pad in the middle of the living room floor in front of my chair. It is impossible to not see it.

So far, this bizarre reminder has never failed me.


Retired Syd

@Bob, that's funny, in this world of all these electronic gizmos, and the best method winds up being the old-fashione note. Maybe because we've learned to ignore all the dinging of the computers and appliances.


I am not sure if it is function of all days "feeling" alike once I retired or just simple forgetfulness, but a few months ago I was late for a dentist appointment for the first time in the 20+ years I have been seeing that dentist. And a few months ago, I was nearly late to one of my midday volunteer gigs because I forgot that was the day to go there.

In the former, I had written a note to myself but unfortunately I had placed some papers on top of it when I got home the night before.

There are times I have to sit there and think about what day it is so I know what stuff I have to do that day, especially if they are routine things which I don't normally add to my calendar/spreadsheet.

But overall, it beats having to ride those lousy trains to work like I did before I retired. :)

Retired Syd

@deeegee: I am taking small comfort in learning I'm not the only one with the problem. Thanks!

fred doe

when your retired every day is a saturday. saturday and sunday are easy to remember. that's the days you don't go near the stores:)

A.N. Rajah

Wow!! I hope I can retire soon!!!


I'm sorry, Syd. I hate it when that happens.

When I was researching my book I stumbled across DayClocks.com. It's saved us many times from running errands on a weekend.

Another option, admittedly limited to fewer than half of us, is to shave on the same two days a week. If the calendar's not handy then it's a lot easier to swipe a hand across your face to determine how many days have passed since the last Monday or Thursday shave...


That sounds great!

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