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November 16, 2012


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Retired Syd

As a side note, my husband Doug opted not to go to his, and now after seeing all the photos on Facebook, he regrets it. What's that saying about not regretting the things you did but the things you didn't do? So there's that too.


I went to my wife's reunion recently. One thing I found really interesting was the differences in biological aging. Some people looks a lot older than they were and others looked younger.

Retired Syd

rjack: I was struck by that too. The other thing I was struck by is that the aging process seemed to have universally made people nicer!


I would at least consider going to my HS reunion except for 2 things: (1) It costs about $110 per person at some fancy hotel, and (2) I hated most of my classmates who treated me like dirt so why would I want to see them again other than a "Revenge of the Nerds" motif?

Retired Syd

deegee: Well, you have a point there. There was actually one kid in my class that everyone was awful to in the 7th grade. Really awful. Anyway, when the emails went out about the reunion, he replied to everyone with the same question--you all tortured me to no end, why on earth would I want to go back and relive that experience? All I could think was he had a great point.

Kids can be pretty awful, really. That's one thing I did like about the reunion, though, everyone grew out of that kid thing and turned out to be very nice adults.


It looks like a lot of fun! The people don't look like they're all the same age though... funny how that can happen.

For some reason, the feed/url doesn't seem to work on your latest post on hurrying. I just wanted to whine about 3 a.m. waking issues. :-)

Retired Syd

Jacq: Thanks for letting me know about that post--now, let's see if I have the expertise to figure out what's wrong and how to fix it!

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