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January 08, 2013


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Love it!

I'm turning 48 this summer. Funny how seeing that big 5-0 in the coming up is oddly exciting yet very very strange - like how did that happen so fast? I have too much that I still want to do!


Second Jacq! I've read The God of Small Things as well and loved it. The love story in particular - so beautifully written even as you know and dread how the difference in caste Will play out.

Hmmm, if you are looking for a way to challenge yourself physically, perhaps consider the Diablo Trail Challenge in Walnut Creek on April 20. The entire clan on my side is running it, though my daughter will likely clean Mike and my clocks, she's so bloody fast.

Retired Syd

Jacq: It's only 50, there's still PLENTY of time!

Tamara: Since you don't live up here to help me learn to love running I don't think that one is going to happen for me.


I know that logically but then, like yours, my mother died young (at 56) and one of my sisters went at 38. So there's something there in the back of my head saying that maybe there isn't plenty of time. And I hate to say it, but if I were to go tomorrow, I would have too many regrets for things I hadn't done yet. Things that require free time to do. Maybe, morbid as it is, the longing for that un-lived life is a good ER motivator?


GREAT Christmas Story !!! I want to go to that Mexican Bday Party please!
We can Play Poker on the beach....and you can win!

Bob Lowry

The Life of Pi is one of those special movies that missed most of the mainstream press. But, in 3D, it is a visual treat and a great story. I assume you liked it, Syd.

When our kids were young we spent several Christmas holidays on Maui. There is something very special and memorable about completely breaking the routine of Christmas and experiencing it in a new place and in a new way.

My daughters were too young for Texas Hold 'Em but we did play Crazy Eights!

tom sightings

How was "Life of Pi"? B and I both read the book and loved it; but I couldn't get B to go see the movie b/c she thought it would wreck it.

San Fran. Mexico ... sounds like you've got great plans, inclu. giving up those cable "news" shows.


Great holidays for you! We had a wonderful time as all three of our children put in some pretty serious airline miles to be with us (coming from Boston, Austin, and Manila, to Nebraska).

For my 50th year (I'm 53 now) I did 50 things involving the number 50. Feel free to copy this idea, which is especially fun for the task oriented list maker .... Tamara are you listening :-) ....

These were physical and non-physical things, like bike 50 miles (one trip), golf 50 holes (one day), take 50 walks, do 50 random acts of kindness, go 50 straight days with no tv (which was a pretty good idea until I found out my wife had bought us a new tv for my birthday, then I changed that one to watch 50 shows with my wife). You get the idea.

Anyway, glad you're back blogging, as it's a highlight to read your words.

Happy 2013 to all.


Well the "half century" birthday was an interesting landmark (when my friends hit it I sent them an origami dinosaur). But this is the year I hit the big 6-0, and that feels a lot more ancient than 50!

But, then, only two more years until I can get my lifetime National Parks Pass, assuming Congress doesn't kill it before then. (I live in the midst of a lot National Parks and Monuments here in western Colorado and eastern Utah, so it's a big deal for me.)


I recently found your blog, and read through all your entries. (Does this make me a stalker?). Anyhow it may be because I've just digested all your posts, but are you aware that there are a lot of pictures of your husband lying down? Actually I'm more than jealous!

Please keep posting. I love the ongoing tale you're weaving.

fred doe

Oh may, I'm turning 50:) Sixty is awake up call for me. It sounds like you had a very full Christmas and fun too. For me I don't travel well. Like some of those fine wines or cheese's. I did eat much lobster though. My skin's still pink. Why because there was a bumper crop this year. I knew this from reading The Lobster Chronicles and by listening to Bloomberg and they called it months ago. $ 3.99 a pound:) Don't watch cable news syd it' not good for you Bloomberg's more tame:)

Retired Syd

Bob & Tom: The Life of Pi was a beautiful movie. But I didn't read the book first, which I understand B's reluctance from having read the book--usually the movie is not as good. But it made me want to read the book, which I think is the good order of things so nothing is ruined.

Rick: That's a great idea about the 50 things. By the way, it was a highlight for me reading YOUR words!

DGP: You know, neither 50 nor 60 seems old to me. Every time my young-at-heart dad turns an age I think, "wow, that isn't so old after all!" He turned 75 this year so we have a good long way to go.

Ramona: Well, you're the kind of stalker I like! For the record, that is a common position for my husband. I tend to wear him out.

Fred: Oh my gosh, your lobster is cheaper than our chicken--I'd be eating that every day too! On the cable news/Bloomberg thing, I think I should really just turn to comedy to tell you the truth.


Happy birthday! Your retirement sounds so busy and full. That's great to hear. You are really enjoying life and I hope I can do the same when I'm retired.


Rick, I am listening, and I really like your idea. I turned 50 three months ago, so I think I'm going to tweak your idea a tad, and try 50 new things between now and the time I turn 51.

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