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September 30, 2013


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Retired Syd

New: Yeah, it's even funnier than that though. We're missing that gene and we have another gene that says, here, please take my money and give it to someone else. I'm guilty as charged.

New at this

Except you retired early....so what your really saying is here, take this guys money and give it to that guy. People in Greece did the same thing.

Retired Syd

New: I don't think I get that comment. When you retire, you don't get to stop paying taxes on your income. If only . . .

Retired Syd

New: But, and here comes another big thank you, my income tax is at a reduced rate because it consists primarily of capital gains now that I'm retired. And I mostly have the Republicans to thank for that big subsidy. So thank you again. I'm starting to see that my Republican sanctioned subsidies are adding up to much more than if I had qualified for the health insurance subsidy.

New at this

You are welcome. Thank you for investing the money you've already been taxed on once and being happy about being taxed on it a second time.

Retired Syd

New: Well you're welcome. But seriously, thank you for keeping the tone of this debate light. I appreciate it.

New at this

Syd - always entertaining. You r actually the only lib I know in real life. The rest always seem to hide in the shadows somewhere until it's time time to vote for their free stuff. Thank you for being brave enough to at least attempt to defend a philosophy I find very troubling for the long term strength of our country.


New at This, I am always amused at comments like the "People in red states want to pay their own way....." because it is the people in Red states who, on average, receive more in federal dollars than they pay in federal taxes. People in Blue states, on average, receive less in federal dollars than they pay in federal taxes.


So much for Red staters paying their own. "You're welcome," from this Blue Stater.

New at this

if you're trying to convince me that libs are the party of smaller govt, lower taxes (for everyone), and people paying for their own stuff, then sign me up....

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