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October 30, 2007


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Hi there. I just found your site and have been reading all your old entries. I am thoroughly enjoying them! As a recently 'retired' 35 year old ex-lawyer I had to laugh at the idea of being a 'somebody'. I often laugh with hubby about the difficulty of socialising without a 'label', that is without a one sentence answer to the "what do you do" question.
I am thinking that I will just start a generic one liner like " I am CEO of a personal finance company" - which I guess is the truth!

Retired Syd

Wow, congratulations--at 35!!!! My latest line is, when asked what I "do" I will say, "well I have two jobs, one is I'm retired, and the other is I'm an aspiring writer" (in my circle that's better than blogger--a lot of my friends are new to the idea of blogging.) Thanks for your comments!


The best answer I've heard to the "what do you do?" question is "About what?"


I retired a year ago at 52. When I'm asked what I do, I say "anything I want".


Oh yes..try living in southern Calif. Its ALL about what you do. You can escape it usually in certain circles.
But in the general population its always the first question. Im going with the answer " With What?". Thats funny. I dont have kids or a job. My job is managing my husbands and his 5 kids. Very fulltime. So people just think Im lazy since I dont raise kids.

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