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November 08, 2007


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Wicked in San Jose

Well my dear....

Knowing you as I do, I know that much or most of those liquid $$$s were shared by you with your friends and families at your fabulous parties, dinners, restaurants and just plain having fun. So you don't have to go to AA just yet.

And all your friends do seriously appreciate your generosity and will try to feed you when you're 63.

I hadn't thought of applying my favorite subject (the miracle of compound interest) to wine $$$$. That is pretty scary!

Wicked in San Jose

Retired Syd

Ahhh, so now you bring up the next logical question, do all our friends and family that have been sharing in all those liquid $$$$ need to join us in AA?

Wicked in San Jose

No No....Nobody is going to AA .....YET!!!!!!!!


It's a good thing you have good friends, Syd. :)

I haven't added up our wine expenses lately, but we have a wine cellar and couldn't even imagine a dinner out or a weekend meal without a nice bottle of wine.

Looks like you live in wine country, maybe you can start bottling some of your own!

bottoms up,

Retired Syd

Funny you should say that--we did go in with some of our friends on a ton of zinfandel grapes and made wine together. While it was a LOT of fun, the wine leaves a little to be desired. It's drinkable, sort of (actually it's really good for cooking the Thanksgiving turkey in--pour a couple bottles over the bird while you are roasting, the meat is juicy and the gravy is delicious.) Actually, my dad loves the wine--we bring it down to him by the jug.

I'm not sure it saved us any money, though, as there's still another barrel to be bottled and I think the group has lost it's steam!


I've found some wonderful tasting wines in the $4-$6 range at Trader Joe's. That really helped cut our spending down.

Retired Syd

@Debbie: Turns out now that I'm retired I'm more worried about the calories than the cost. By the way, your knitting blog is beautiful!

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