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November 28, 2007


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Millionaire Mommy Next Door

I can soooo relate to the reactions you're receiving when you share your great news with others... I actually got the most disapproval from my family. Ouch.

As harsh as this might sound, I think most of the negativity might stem from feelings of envy. You know the saying, "misery likes company"?

You have every right to feel proud. Don't let the naysayers get you down.

Retired Syd

Millionaire Mommy:

Thanks for those comments. I do like to think I'm past needing other's approval, but must admit it does have the effect of taking the wind out of my sails when I don't get it.

To be fair, I think when it comes to family members, they also worry about us financially "Does she really know what she's doing? Did she really figure it out right? What if she runs out of money and can't get another job and loses everything she's ever worked for!?!" That kind of thing.

(While I can appreciate the concern, I am a CPA that has worked in finance my whole career--you would think people wouldn't have worried that I made a calculation error!)

Thanks for the words of encouragement!

Retired Syd


Syd, I realized that it's been almost 3 years since your set out for the path to pursue true happiness in your life. Therefore, my response to this post can be quite delayed. :-)

I can't relate more on the feeling toward retirement. I completely agree with you on "life is short and so you should try and make the life for yourself that you really want, not the one others think you should live." and "Life can be too short to wait until later to do the things you would really like and are able to do now.".

Great job for living the life that YOU'd want! I'm a CPA in the late 30s and doing the same thing - designing my life/time the way that it fits my vision of life and I'm enjoying it.

Retired Syd

@traveler: Excellent! That's what it's all about, isn't it?


How do you deal with the cost of health care/health insurance ?

Retired Syd

@SH: We found the most economical way to deal with health insurance was to buy a high-deductible HSA compatible plan. Which means that we basically pay for any health care during the year (which isn't much for us) at a premium far lower than the more comprehensive plans, but provides a safety net in case we have some catastrophic health problem.


What state do you reside in ? I'm from NY and I haven't noticed such a health option (at least without income restrictions).

Retired Syd

I'm in California. While I don't know each state's health insurance options, the Health Savings Account (HSA) was put in place on a federal level under the Bush Administration, to be used in conjunction with a high-deductible health insurance plans several years ago, so it would surprise me if you couldn't get such a plan in every state.

A quick google search for HDHP - HSA compatible plans in New York gets me to plans from Aetna, Healthnet and many sites such as ehealthinsurance.com with many other companies offering them.

You can get a quote right on-line--it's worth looking into. There are no income restrictions for these plans. Here's a link to a good summary of the plans --specifically mentioning New York: http://www.ehealthinsurance.com/new-york-health-insurance/health-plans/hsa


How much different will your monthly social security payments be by retiring early as oppposed to working until your mid-sixties ?


I am 55 and am retiring in two weeks, with such disapproval from my two daughters. Yes I confess I am a workaholic, but am starting to rethink my retirement because my kids are making me feel GUILTY!

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