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January 27, 2008


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Retired Syd

Oops! And I just remembered that I forgot the classes at the local community college and the subscription to the lecture series!

Wicked in San Jose

Loved your post about your Mother-in-law! Sounds very accurate from here. What a good retired life.

AND ... for the record, I am not too busy or shy to write on your blog. I'm still just trying to figure out something that would be interesting to others about my fantastic life. IS that enough...just that it is the most perfect and wonderful life?



Hi Sydney,

That was hysterical. It really captures the feel of my life in retirement. I am impressed at how much you have remembered about what I do. OK, OK, you caught me when I have a few minutes, so I'll add to your list I just got back from a discussion group about the California propositions, which we vote on next week. That was after my usual five-day-a week gym class. I did however, have 40 minutes to grab lunch in between. And, I have an evening off. Here is a typical week:

Monday: Gym, bridge with the ladies, book club

Tuesday: Gym, Class at the local community college, bridge with my husband

Wednesday: Gym, pick up the grandkids from school, take them to after-school sports and dinner, then nag them to do their homework

Thursday: Gym, another class at the community college

Friday: Gym, a whole afternoon to catch up on all the tasks I didn't have time to do during the week (unless it's Scrabble week), dinner with our couples' group

Saturday: Laundry, maybe have my hair done, evening event such as a play, a concert, couples' bridge, or other social engagements with friends

Sunday: This is more varied. We may have a couples' activity, or another play, or I get a chance to read the L A Times.

Of course, this routine may be interrupted by our travels around the world, or planning for same. I also spend a lot of time on my computer.

Please feel free to edit this. I only am sending it because your blog left out a few things.



Oh, I can't wait!!! And here I've been thinking I'll have more time to write.

Frank Damon

I'm almost about to retire and am facing the reality that I'm off to another phase of my life. It's great to know that life after retirement can also be busy. That's just the kind of life I want after I retire. :)

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