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January 14, 2008


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I couldn't agree with you more! I think the whole concept of retirement is changing, especially as we live longer. I sure am looking forward to my own!!



Maybe retirement should just mean stop doing what you don't like doing anymore and start doing something you like. The problem is we can even get tired of doing things we love to do for a whole lot of different reasons--bigger than the topic at hand.

Retired Syd


I do agree that the perception of retirement is slowly going to change as the young and healthy boomers start to retire and don't buy into the whole sedentary perception of what retirement has traditionally meant.


I think there is a bit of a challenge for people (even not retired), to keep evolving and finding new interests, you're exactly right, you'll get bored of anything after you've done it long enough. (Well mostly anything hee hee!) Especially when you're filling 8-10 more hours a day that were formerly spent at your job.



The Spanish word for retirement is a lot more celebratory than "retirement" - it's "jubilado", from the same root word as jubuilant or jubilee. It's linked in the bible to turning 50 years old. My fiftieth is next April - I'll celebrate my "jubilado" a couple weeks earlier :-)

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