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February 23, 2008


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Wicked in San Jose

Oh Sydney

Your writing is so much fun. I can't read it fast enough...I want the next word.

Now I know why you haven't been writing so much email to me.

OK...So your whole new life is ahead of you. But this time you have even more very steady friends and family to take with you on your journey (I hope!!!).

I gotta admit that all your talk about retirement is making me wanta stay home too. Today, Monday, I was really thinking that I couldn't go to work. My car is broken and my foot hurts. Your dad got me out of here, but I couldn't shake it...I had to leave work early. Is it Monday or is it Retirement Envy?!?!?!


4 more days!!!!



Syd, I loved reading this, you really are on the threshold of a whole new chapter and I love the way you wove this story. I'm right there with, except I have a few more months to go. 10 years ago I changed careers to go into IT and while I still like parts of it, I'm not as excited about it as I was in the beginning. The best part is that no matter where we go we get to take everything we've learned with us. Some of it might actually come in handy, or not!

Retired Syd

You know, I think anything after 10 (or especially 17) years gets old, even if you really loved it in the beginning. It's important to keep things evolving. And I agree, it was all valuable stuff we picked up along the way, and we do get to take it all with us for the next phase.

I'll be watching your journey as I know how hard it is when you are ready and you have to wait MONTHS!


This brought tears to my eyes. I wonder... could I get this feeling again??? Not because I'm retiring from work (THAT would be grand!), but I AM retiring from the day to day motherhood gig (you can never really retire from motherhood of course). I WANT to be on the threshold of some new and wonderful thing. I really do. Maybe I am!

Thanks, Syd. xxoo

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