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February 24, 2008


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Millionaire Mommy Next Door

It's funny - Mondays STILL aren't a favorite of mine. I don't have to go to work... but my friends do. I miss them after socializing during the weekends. My remedy? Plan to do something I love to do on Monday morning (for now, that's writing).

Retired Syd

Wow, I hadn't really thought of that, there actually IS a downside to everyone else going off to work (at least the ones I would like to play with!)

It will be very interesting to see how reality turns out compared to my expectations, huh?


Aah, we are in the same boat. I felt overworked, quit my working retirement assignment and today was my last Monday at it (hopefully). And yes, I also gained a pound since Friday, even though I spent half of the sunday digging in the garden and another half taking long walks on the beach. It must be one of those mysteries... Anyway I should have more time now to follow the important things in the word, like is there going to be a new Balkan war due to Serbs' reaction to Kosowo, will Nigeria guiet down, is Obama really in danger of assasination and - when relearning Spanish in Puerto Rico (from Spanish Spanish) should I really forget the 2nd person plural - which they don't use here and mispronounce Castillan or Andalusian Spanish the Boriqua way? (Just as I learned to misprounounce Latin the Anglo-American way in the USA);-)

Retired Syd

With all that I don't really believe you were bored (or that anything happened to your brain) when you were fully retired!

Congratulations on you second retirement, then! Hope we're both having a blast next Monday!


I find I'm always a little depressed when a big change comes along, even if it's a change that I'm excited for and have planned for. It takes a little while for me to feel balanced again. Only three more days!


Sunday evenings are awful. But then if I didnt have that job, I could be living my life well or afford going out. Damn. Now, I am planning to marry a rich guy. A bit older as well. I am 24.

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