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February 20, 2008


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Syd, I love this book and I remember that passage that he wrote. I guess I won't start off by gloating about how fortunate I feel to be female (but I do feel fortunate). Instead, I wonder if this is because women have been given more permission to have interests outside of work for such a long time by society. I think that's changing, but I'm also struck by the differences between men and women that still exist. It's as though it's hardwired in our DNA somehow - that men find their identity in work and women find their identity in whatever they're doing!

To be a little indelicate here, many women (I won't say all) have more options because we aren't choking on our egos. And then there's Eckhart Tolle.

Retired Syd

There's probably something to that DNA argument too: think "multi-tasking." Ok, so they win on reading a map, but I think this is better anyway.


Can't wait to read about the many things you decide to do in retirement!


I am as boring as a man. I know it. I was not exactly bored with my leisure early retirement exploring the countries around the Caribbean, but after less than a year I felt my brain shrinking and getting smooth at the same time. And mind is a horrible thing to waste... so I went back to work - different work, on different terms. I love working I love leisure - I can't live without any of those - so far...

Retired Syd

Oh no, I offended one of my female readers--I only meant to offend the men!


Great post. Reminds me of my father. He's a government administrator. He works long hours and comes home and works more hours and then works with my mom on things like inventories and finances. I once asked him what his hobbies were, and after a lot of thought he said, "organizing things."

He's a lovely man.


Too bad that your father, Elizabeth, is married. Otherwise I could have used him, definitively: I love delegating organizing things - the implementation of organizing, that is. Concepts I can do ;-)


in month 11 of retirement...do not have time to go back to "work"...i also read once if you are bored, it is because you are a boring person....ok, i have done several one and two day jobs for people, (i'm a carpenter) but each day i walk (3-5) miles, read, swim, visit with someone..work around the yard or garden at home ...a full time job-just don't have the time...can i afford to retire...the choise was not really mine-so times- put hay live poor and happy working live richer and happy retired...

Jonathan Wolfinger

I'm a single male, but I'm an exception in that I do have a lot of interests. I'm more worried that I'll get lonely in retirement. I like doing things but you can't always find someone to do them with.

Retired Syd

@Jonathan: A very legitimate concern, especially if many of your friends are still working.

But maybe some of the things you are interested in are opportunities to meet new people to do them with. One of my friends is really interested in Bridge. She and her husband joined a community Bridge group and now have a bunch of new friends they get together with once or twice a week for dinner and cards.

Kelly Mac Donald

I love reading your blog. I am planning to move on from my job and created a 5 year plan to be where you are. You make it sound great! thanks.

Banjo Steve

Love your tongue-in-cheek attitude in this blog and others. Of course, there is a germ of truth in there - just gotta keep the Battle of the Sexes firing on all cylinders......

Retired Syd

@Banjo Steve: Well, now that I've met a bunch of happily retired men (both in real life and in the blogosphere), I may have to retract!

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