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March 30, 2008


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Steve Austin

I'm actually afraid to comment on this post. ;-\

Retired Syd

Smart Man!


Regarding the website: Hillary stop running for President and make a sandwich, etc.

Why is it that women are required to make career compromises but men aren't? When Barak was behind in the polls no one asked him to stop running. As a candidate you go the distance no matter what.


Check out the disgusting daily attacks on Hillary's Wikki page if you really want to get riled up. They're not even close to politically charged. It's all heinous personal attacks.


hey hey,

Besides being well said and very interesting, you struck a notion with me.

Those people that sit back, do/say nothing and continue to work side by side are merely condoning the behavior.

If you work for pigs, you contribute to the shit in their pen too.

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