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March 06, 2008


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To modify a term from the unschooling community, sounds like you're "deworking"--letting your mind and body rest and adjust to the change. Enjoy your vacation--I'm sure you'll start feeling like doing the "productive" stuff sooner or later. Glad to see a post again!

Retired Syd


I like that, kind of like detoxing, but it's work that I'm recovering from!

Now if I could just de-cold. I'm sure I'd have more energy if I wasn't hacking coughing.

Thanks for the encouragement.


Canadian Dream


Ah, enjoy it all. Be lazy and LOVE IT. Your retired now life is what ever you want it to be.


larry macdonald

I’m preparing an article on early retirement for Canadian Business Online, and would like to include your story in the piece. I’ve enjoyed reading several of your blog posts and plan to mention a few things from them. I would just have a few supplementary questions:

1) How has early retirement been like for you?
2) Any advice to others on how to reach early retirement?

Can you get back by Wednesday afternoon?

Larry MacDonald


My wife and I just retired after a collective 65 years of teaching high school. Our early retirement experience has been strange and wonderful. On day one we arose before 5 AM to take a photo of the first sunrise of our new chapter...then went back to bed. Since then, our experience has been similar to that described by Elizabeth. In the past our summers were a rush to complete all the items on our "to do" lists which were excessively long. Our rew motto is "don't do today what we can put off 'till tomorrow."...Mañana! The great motivator, the encroachment of day#1 of the next school year has evaporated and it is oh so liberating! Maybe the fall will be a time for getting things done...Or, maybe not. Until then, let the biking, sailing, gardening, and dining continue!


Strange but true, I am logged in vie my wife Jody's Facebook acct. I am actually David!f

Retired Syd

David: I have used that one a LOT (why do today what you can put off until tomorrow!) Sounds like you're getting with the program right away! Congratulations to you both!

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