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April 11, 2008


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Ahhhh! I thought I was the only one who felt the same way. Hey. O'Reilly is on now, DH is watching and I'm blogging. O'Reilly is turning into a one man show. HE does all the talking, asks the questions AND answers them. What did you think about what he said about the beauty contest shows? As long as there are good-looking women, Bill's watching. Bill can't understand why the viewership of those pageants are down. Ugh.

Retired Syd

I missed the part about the beauty pageants. I must admit, I can't actually watch the WHOLE show. . .

Steve Austin

Whoa, I just woke up. Where am I?


I'm new to this blog so I realize that this post is about six years after the last post. Unfortunately almost nothing has changed.

Bill O'Reilly is still making obnoxious noise on our airwaves. What I've noticed is that women too can be equally rude, stupid (oh, excuse me, I mean 'unconscious') and obnoxious. They just must adhere to a different set of rules. They must either be totally insane (see Ann Coulter) or agree to never express an opinion that is not first expressed by their male counterparts (see Fox News). Oh, and it also helps to be very blond, wear a lot of makeup and wear very tight and short skirts (also see Fox News).

No wonder Hillary is outside of O'Reilly's comfort zone.

Retired Syd

LhasaChick: Nope, nothing has changed in 6 years on this front! And I still can't tear myself away from the Fox News Network--especially when Ann Coulter is on. There's a word for this--you've heard of binge-watching? Well it's called hate-watching. Thanks to Frank Rich in New York Magazine for that one.

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