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April 04, 2008


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Wicked in San Jose

Hey...Yesterday you were increasing your happiness by turning OFF the TV????

But anyway.... I know where you got that yelling at the TV, don't you? Yep...Your dad is just like you..or VISE VERSA....Now you 2 have got me doing it. And you don't even have to have cable.

I just start yelling every time I see George Bush on the screen. WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Great post, thanks! I've been thinking about this topic ('happiness') for a while, with lots of theories based on my readings and past experiences. But you gave a very simple explanation of what makes us happy - 'leisure time we choose'. It's also possible that feeling in control of our lives, as in choosing the activities we want to do, play a big factor in our well-being.

The article links to wsj and brazen careerist are very enlightening too. I'm going over the brazen careerist posts. The author has a lot of good ideas which she has condensed from a lot of well-researched books that I've just read over the past two years ('Stumbling on Happiness', 'The Luck Factor', etc.).

Retired Syd

I love Brazen Careerist but she tends to think you can only really be happy if you are working, which I would tend to disagree with. I think hapiness can be found either way, really.

Another hapiness book you might enjoy is "What Happy People Know".

Thanks for your comments.

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