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April 23, 2008


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This made me laugh out loud, nearly spewing my morning coffee.
Thanks for risking life and limb to keep the early retirement FIRE alive.
Now I'm off to w*%k!

Millionaire Mommy Next Door

I read your blog.

...and I LOVE it!

Watch your back (ha!) and keep writing. You're hysterical!

Retired Syd

See folks, she's a pro!


your mil of your sil has a valid point.

say (or write) something to offend somebody and it's very easy for them to find you. don't be so smug.

i'd eliminate this post if i was you.

Retired Syd

Are you my mil of my sil disguised as a man named Anthony?


Also, just to throw more fuel for thought:

you've got your photo on the blog.
it's not hard to figure out where you are.
your computer has an IP address that is easily broken into.
you've listed the different places you've lived and what your favorite things are. i wouldn't be surprised that some of those answers are part of your password security questions.
plus, you are retired so you must have some money somewhere.

getting concerned yet?
PS: my name may not be anthony and I may not even be a man.
again, please do not be so smug. the internet can be a very dangerous place.


It may be dangerous to some, but according to experts (yes, real ones) we live in the safest time in history.

see here -


Most fears are unfounded and not based on reality. Bad things happen, but it's not as common as the media like to makes us think it is.

Retired Syd

Thanks for your contribution Nicole.

And yes, you are right "Anthony", because of IP addresses you are not totally anonymous. That's how I know you are indeed a she.


I hope I've made my point.
Please be very careful.
And to Nicole-I looked at the speech Ted made. I'll try to remember it when I go to the 'grave sites' of some of my friends who were killed at the World Trade Center.
The crimes that are being committed today are NOTHING like what was experienced before. First example would be identity theft. The internet can become a frightening place.

Working Rachel

Wow, this is an awfully creepy comment thread. Syd, I'm with you--there's very little reason to worry about blogging. The worst that'll happen to you is a little online bullying like that perpetrated here.

Retired Syd

Working Rachel:

Well the thread started out good. . . people saying how hilarious I am and images of spewing coffee--gotta love that!



Yes, it is ending upbeat too!

You're all so funny.

Steve Austin

anthony comes off as patronizing, but is bang-on

it may be too late by the time you wish you could go back and take steps to protect yourself a bit better

whenever friends or acquaintances give me a "are you hiding something?" look or comment, my response is invariably, "i may not have anything to hide, but i likewise have nothing to share" (with respect to personal, identifying, financial details)

all warfare is based on deception (sun tzu), and theft is nothing but a form of economic conflict

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