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May 15, 2008


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Working Rachel

Welcome back to the land of libraries! That Stephen King memoir on writing is one of my favorites.

Wicked in San Jose

Hola Sydney

I am so glad that you have discovered the library of the future.

You know that you can request any book online and they will email you a note when they have it ready for you!

Also..They will send you an email when your book is almost due and remind you to renew it.

AMAZING, isn't it!!! And you a child of the computer generation!!

Please ask me if you want any more tips on being a miser!...or as I like to think of it..one who conserves and recycles.



I educated 2 sons with the help of America's public libraries! In fact, I changed jobs once because the older son said "Mommy, we never go to the library anymore." Why people don't make better use of this widely available education is beyond me.

Glad you found it. 20 years?!? (shaking my head in disbelief)

Retired Syd

Yes, 20 years! Returning to my roots. My mom and I spent hours and hours each week at the library when I was a kid. I joined all the summer reading groups and came home with stacks of books each week which I devoured.

It's great, I feel the same "kid in a candy store" feeling now as I did back then.

And now that I'm on permanent summer vacation-I should have time to devour stacks and stacks of (free!) books once again.


Welcome back to the fold! My library doesn't have self checkout yet, but the amenities are still pretty nice. I get a little giddy whenever I go in there. My husband has to hold me back.

"Permanent summer vacation" - that's exactly what I aim for!

Steve Austin

Retired Syd, what happened to you? Why the 20 year absence from your libraries? Interlibrary loan is indeed a wonderful thing. Another thing you may wish to investigate is that many books can be had as electronic resources via your library's web portal.

And why worry about the parking meter? Take public transportation and/or a bicycle the next time! (Double free, the books and the ride getting there.)

Retired Syd

Sadly the public transportation in this suburban town is not good enough to get me from here to there. But the bicycle is a great idea--helping with the retirement weight gain at the same time!

Chad @ Sentient Money

That Stephen King book on writing is awesome. I'm not a huge Stephen King fan, but he really does a good job with that book.

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