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May 09, 2008


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My partner and I are planning for early retirement and we've contemplated buying a vacation home in the country then moving into it when we retire. It's interesting to hear that you guys did that.

Would it be practical seal your home better so the bugs can't get inside?

What about getting a cat for the mice?


We also have a 2nd vacation home at the beach. We've had squirrels in the attic. Mice in the crawl space. Spiders EVERYWHERE! Sometimes I can't wait to come home to my real house!
I sleep in fear of ticks crawling up the bed (they have) crawling up the couch (they have) finding them crawling up my leg (I have!).
We're going to sell also to fund our platinum years. I can't wait till I can just live in one home!

Isn't it bizarre?

Retired Syd

Kevin: We do actually have some neighborhood cats that are trying their best--the job is just too big. I watched a cat kill a mouse the other day from my window. While I'm happy to have them help, it's awful what they do, really. They don't just kill the poor little thing, they play with it for a long time before putting it out of its misery. I think the traps are more humane!

I thought about getting the perimeter of the house sprayed, but I hate to use pesticide, I know it just makes the problem worse in the long run.

Boomie: I know what you mean about two houses, not just the pests but the cleaning too! (I, too wake up think bugs are crawling on me while I sleep--I mostly think it's just in my mind, but I did get a spider bite somewhere--probably sleeping).


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