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May 08, 2008


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It's a sad state of affairs when retirees are forced to pay that kind of money for insurance. This is a good article, I've done my share of looking into it a couple of years ago when I really wanted to leave my job.

So, I'm staying with my current employer (I work for VA) until my minimum retirement age (in less than a year!!!) so that I can continue to get the same coverage I have now at the rate I am currently paying as an employee.

Good luck with this. Maybe the next administration will start to fix this mess. I wrote a post on Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok you may want to read.

Retired Syd

It is totally worth hanging on to get your health coverage, it can certainly add a significant cost to the retiree budget! My sister-in-law has the same type of deal with the L.A. Unified School District, well worth the few extra years.

I did read your post about Bumrungrad--what a beautiful facility. Hard to believe!


Wicked in San Jose

So glad that you got that taken care of!!!

So What WILL you worry about now????

Can't wait for your next installment!


New at this

Syd -- Well, its official!!! We gave notice, had the going away dinner, talked to fellow workers who were "shocked" that we were leaving such a "wonderful" position, etc, etc....But as we now sit here with our list of things we have to do immediately..., to our naive surprise, getting health insurance has bubbled to the top of our list....

Long story but as we've travelled the maze of brokers, et al on this topic, until reading your article, I thought we just unlucky.

Similar to you, we've been told all sorts of fibs by a very personable brokers....The first, similar to your story above, is that we were uninsurable. Well, also similar to you, that turns out to be not true. And we now actually have two companies competing for our business. But before we had two companies working with us, we were told by a third that that "the law prevents you from submitting an application to more than one company at a time"...! (complete fabrication) I could go on but the basic point of my note is to say thank you for "going first" and leaving a bread crumb trail behind...!

P.S. Any insights on Assurant versus Humana?

Retired Syd

New at this: Well congratulations! Be sure to stay on COBRA while you are sorting it all out. Right now you want continuous coverage in order to be guaranteed insurance. I hope this exercise will get easier in 2014 when the new health care law is fully in effect and you can shop for insurance on state exchanges.

I don't have any insights on either of those insurers--Aetna and Blue Shield are the big carriers here in California. Good luck with it and welcome to retirement!

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