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June 02, 2008


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The New Yorker deserves what he gets for marrying a woman like that. If I was actually worried about my wife leaving me because my networth fell...I would be leaving her.

Concerning the mega rich spending too much, I read that Larry Ellison's (founder of Oracle) accountant wrote him a letter telling him to slow his spending down or he might have to sell a big chunk of his Oracle stock. This guy is worth $15 billion. Even if he only made 1% in dividends a year he would have $150 million to spend.


This might not have anything to do with having enough money for retirement, but boy does it hurt when a lot of money has to be spent that's not expected. I forgot to have my car inspected and now have a big ticket to pay. For my lesson learned, I am trying to come up with a timely reminder system so I won't overlook it again next year. I have spread myself pretty thin now that I am retired and need to get organized!


Hi Syd,

Thought of you when I saw this post at Get Rich Slowly: http://www.getrichslowly.org/blog/2008/06/04/daily-links-crying-librarians-edition/
Public libraries, along with thrift stores, are one of the things that just make me say "America-Land of Opportunity!"

Retired Syd

Judy: That's a hilarious link! Imagine a place where you could rent books, what a concept! (I prefer the free rental, thank you very much.)

As a side note, we just went to see the Sex and the City movie, which showed Carrie with a library book and conveyed her love of the library--I said "just like me!" The library might just get an influx of new patrons as a result of this movie!

Retired Syd

Chad: I agree! Why would you want to stay in a marriage like that! (Probably she's 30 years younger than he is!)

Patricia R

I am with you all the way on what I need for retirement. Have only been retired a few months now, and I feel I am needing much less than I originally thought I would.

I would like to invite you to participate as one of six taggees in a tag game regarding your six unspectacular quirks. If you are interested, check out the rules on my site.

garage equipment

My newly retired friends and relatives tell me that retirement is a bigger transition than they expected. Wives don’t necessarily enjoy having husbands around under foot all day. Husbands may miss not having important tasks to do (at least more important than taking out the garbage).


"Enough" is a wonderful word - Charles Dickens

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