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June 19, 2008


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jennifer youngblood

I worked only on the weekends in high school (graduated 2001, so not *too* long ago). I didn't get an allowance really ever, and made about $50 working one day a week on the weekend. So with that $200 a month I had to buy everything I needed (clothes, gas, etc). Sometimes school supplies $$ had to come from that too, depending on the current family financial situation. Occasionally I had to buy my own groceries with it as well. Unfortunately most of that money ended up going towards my car (it needed new tires, then something else, etc), it was a huge money suck for all the money I saved. But, after nearly 2 years of working just that little bit in high school (the summer after my junior year I worked a bit more in that summer) I still went to college with nearly $500 in my pocket that I had saved myself. It was all the money I had to my name! Not a lot, but it bought me nearly two semester worth of books. Luckily I immediately got a job in college and made significantly more per month. :)

Retired Syd

Sounds like you got a good head start and are well versed in the money management lessons gained from scrimping and saving. Good for you!

jennifer youngblood

Yeah, I wouldn't say I was typical of my peers though. It's sad to say that in my (anecdotal) experience, the kids from the well off families didn't need to learn the value of the dollar, so they didn't...


For me it was the smell of movie theater popcorn. It seems better, but anything is tiresome day after day. :)

The only significant fight I ever had with my parents as a teenager was when they wanted me to quit my job for my senior year--so we compromised on weekends only during the school year!

Great post!

Retired Syd

Angie: I would have KILLED for a job at a movie theater--lucky you!

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