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June 18, 2008


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Chad @ Sentient Money

All that exercise sounds great. However, be very mindful of your body when you run. Running breaks down your joints very quickly and can cause long-term damage. We are not designed to run long distances. I included a link to an article about running on the Core Performance website. These guys train tons of professional athletes and they really know what they are doing. We (coaches) used their workouts for our collegiate football players and had great results.


Retired Syd

Chad-Thanks for that link. As a former sufferer of plantar fasciatis (not from running, though), I can identify with the warnings this article mentions. My theory is, many sports injuries are from repetitive training activities. I think if you balance activities (running, walking, biking, weight-training, and whatever else), you run a much lower chance of injury.

(By the way, I don't ever think I will be at risk of running dangerous distances. If I can ever run the whole 5 mile loop, I will consider that to be the epitome of accomplishments!)

Early Retirement Extreme

If you can do 20 it's time to switch to something more challenging, like handstand push-ups or one-armed push ups :-)

Both can be pulled on most 300 lbs bench press beef cakes as in .. "yeah, but can you do this". (They generally can't).

Power endurance like 100 push ups is in my experience most easily achieved with density training e.g. 20x5, 18x6, ......, 10x10, 9x11, 8x12, 7x15x 6x18, 5x20, 4x25, .... 1x100. Keep each set at a fixed time like 1 minute (except the last 1x100). Six weeks seems very reasonable. Train every other day. Incidentally, serious numbers are in the 500 PUs a day and if you can do 20 already, you should aim higher than a 100.

Retired Syd

Day one of the program, I did 59 (not consecutively), 12 rest, 12 rest, 10 rest, 10 rest and then max (which turned out to be 15). Off to a good start I think. Let's see how I feel after 100 before I decide to do more than that!

I would LOVE to learn a 1-armed pushup. Maybe after the end of my 100 I'll work on that next.

Handstand pushups just sound like a broken nose in the making . . .


Where are you right now with this goal? I tried many times to get to the magical 100--but usually I ended up getting bored after a while. Will try that 100 pushups program and see! Thanks!

Retired Syd

I'm sorry to say, I tried it twice and kept dropping out during week 3.

Maybe I'll pick it up again in the winter when there's nothing more exciting to do.

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