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July 03, 2008


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Geez, Sydney, vacation/travel, travel/vacation whatever. Some people travel for work, that means the two words are oxymorons. Others need to travel to go on vacation. The latest is to stay at home on a staycation. I think what you and the birdman are doing is called a change of venue which changes more than the view out the window. The patio becomes a lanai, the robins morph into roosters, the weather hangs heavy with humidity, the dogs loose their leashes, Aloha makes your heartbeat slow down and the islands' tropical air blows through your brains and melts all that genetic protestant work ethic into mush. Beware as extended exposure increases likelihood of permanent damage.
In the same vein, Mahalo for all your blogging help. Please finish helping me before you forget everything and only speak like Doug, sqwaking and caw-cawing in tropicalese (homophone intended).

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