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August 30, 2008


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jennifer youngblood

I think/hope this pick is going to backfire. Hillary Clinton's positions are the complete opposite of Palin's, and are very close to Obama's. I hope people vote on issues, although I know that most research indicates that is not the case...

Retired Syd

Jennifer, my guess is it won't have much of an effect one way or the other--but I can always hope. As evidence of that (and also for a huge laugh), you have to go watch the Larry King video clip included in my 2nd link above. The pick may have been enough to win her over, but that's another story.

Super Saver

Like you, I was not impressed with McCain's VP choice. While I am sure she has potential, I would expected someone with a longer record of accomplishment. Although there hasn't been a new poll yet, I'm guessing McCain has lost net supporters with this selection.

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