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September 07, 2008


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I agree with you. Personally, I want my journey to be reasonably fun. I understand the joy of saving and seeing the egg nest grow--I regularly save about 70% of my salary at the moment--but I'm not going to do the extreme way of eating lentil soup and tuna 6 days a week for years like earlyretirementextreme!

Imagine doing that lentil diet for 6 years, looking forward to the day you can eat a succulent, juicy steak everyday, and get hit by a car, just one day from The Steak Day. *shudder*


Great post - it underscores that we can make pretty big mistakes and still accomplish early retirement if we really want to. I've been planning to write about some of the big mistakes I made along the way. One of the biggest - ahem -was being *heavily* invested in individual tech stocks just before the tech bubble burst in 2000. I'm not proud of it, just telling it like it is. Which is why I now go spouting off about asset allocation at every opportunity!

Retired Syd

@R--You were not alone in being heavily invested in tech stocks back then. I was right there with ya sista. I left that one out, among others.

But the mistake of buying a vacation home actually erased some of the potential for that mistake as I sold a bunch of stock to buy the home (which at the time seemed foolish, but in retrospect was a MUCH better investment.)


You know there are ways to make your retirement a bit more comfortable if you've had a rocky road up to the point of retirement. This is coming from someone who's made a lot of the same mistakes that you've listed in this post, RetiredSyd. After I retired I had one life insurance policy too many, so I sold it in what is called a life insurance settlement. There are a lot of options out there. You can check out sites like http://www.lsettlements.com.

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