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October 09, 2008


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Chad @ Sentient Money

I couldn't agree more. History repeats itself again...and again...and again...

Right now everyone that looks at their retirement statement once a year has become worried. This is good, as that usually means we are close to a bottom.

Normally, I don't mention posts from my own blog, but I rather liked my recent post on market psychology, that touches on much of this.

I wish I had said:

"to paraphrase Jonathan from My Money Blog, I'll probably be more worried about food and guns than anything else."

It's so true. You won't be worried about money in your mattress if everything drops 80-90%. I wish I would have said it. I actually have done my personal emergency planning to that level. Not that I think it will get there, but better safe than sorry.


Its always the same. Please think the present crisis is so much worse than every before because this is the one we're currently in.


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