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November 22, 2008


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We used to watch very little TV, but during the election we got hooked on the MSNBC evening block and then it was Morning Joe (even tho M&J drive me nuts, I really like Mike Barnicle). Sometimes I would even watch FOX, fer god sakes, sort of the equivalent of drinking sterno.
Maybe a support group is in order.


Well I admit to being addicted to TV, though I do a lot of timeshifting with my Tivo (and avoid those pesky commercials!).

I will say that a friend of my mother who worked as a caregiver in nursing homes for some 60 years (well into her '80s--she lived to be 99 and had to be forced to give up her work) said she thought TV was a godsend to the elderly--that it kept her patients in touch with the world and gave them something to talk about. (Maybe it was just that it kept them quiet--who knows.)

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