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November 06, 2008


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Not having cable has been a blessing during this election! When we want entertainment, we rent a movie - and then turn the television off when were done.

Good for you for stepping away. :) I dont think people realize how attached they are to television. Best of luck finding new, stimulating activities to fill your retirement - I love reading for pleasure!


Im right there with you - my mind is clearing up by the second without the constant election buzz in my brain. I got most of my election addiction through the internet - blogs, news sites, etc. - but the end result was the same as TV...


Retired Syd

Stacy and Steve: While Im not ready to go cold turkey (no cable, no internet), for the time being, Im just happy to have reduced my exposure. Lets just say Im just down from a pack a day.

Sylvia B

Ive been thinking a lot lately about how retirements actually an opportunity to rethink so many of our habits and reprogram ourselves so that what we do is more in line with what we believe. Not sure Ive got the courage to turn off the TV yet but I am certainly making a commitment to no more endless consuming.

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