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November 18, 2008


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Glad you asked...Id find a cure for cancer of Course! Oh...can I do 2 things?

Id also like to fix the medical insurance situation here in our USA!


Sometimes I think if I were able to retire now, all Id do is play computer games - because thats a lot of what I do on weekends.

I tell myself if I had more time it would be different, but would it?

I think before I retire I need to sort this issue out. I *think* I would spend a lot of time indulging my intellectual curiosity - reading, traveling, creating. I would get involved in my community. If I didnt have to worry about money capital, I would focus on social capital.


I really hate that question because it makes me think, and thinking leads to doing, and doing leads to all kinds of trouble :)

I'd write for a living. Not because I'm blazingly passionate about writing, but because I think more people would read my writing than listening to me blathering. Again, :)

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