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November 03, 2008


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Don't forget that we can always find ways to make a little extra "side income" if we are coming up a bit short. Things like writing an article, teaching a class, selling stuff on eBay, maybe even some freelance work. This thought helps keep me calm when I start worrying about the nest egg. I remind myself that it was never my intention to stop earning, just to escape the fulltime corporate job.

Retired and Married to Syd

I guess it will be more Kentucky Fried Chicken dinners for us...I can do that!

Retired Syd

RetiredAt47 & Married to Syd:

I'd way rather eat more KFC than go pick up a part-time job--good thinking!


LOL!! You and your husband are just too funny! OK, I won't bring up the "extra income" idea again ;-)

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