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November 27, 2008


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Andy @ Retire at 40

I agree, just being able to get in the car and go is awesome. Of course, you probably do want to think a little about what you put in your car since any extra uses extra fuel, multiplied by the longer distances you're traveling.

The again, I'm actually getting rid of my car so I won't even be able to do that :-)

Chad @ Sentient Money

Envy...I have it.


Time for a road trip! With $1.87 gas, it's possible again.

Retired Syd

@Andy: You could always rent a car for a road trip--it's got to be a lot cheaper than actually owning one.

@Chad: You won't be when you hear it took us 7.5 hours returning on I-5 (a trip that should have taken 5 hours!)

@Morrison: Yeah, the gas for the entire trip was less than one round-trip airline ticket! (And we still would have needed a 2nd ticket AND a rental car once we got down there, not to mention parking at the airport!)

Sylvia B

I'm glad to see my own thinking reflected in what you've thought; another opportunity for me to benefit from your wisdom leading the way in this. We're about to leave for a journey to Antarctica to "mark" my retirement but I think after that we'll definitely be ratcheting down as well. Not travelling less I hope, just searching for those last-minute deals as you said. By the way, my favorite place to stay in SLO is Le Petit Soleil; a very lovely bed and breakfast right near the centre of town. We just drove your coast and I'm truly always left in awe of its beauty and thinking that when I decided to move from California back to Toronto many years ago I might have made a mistake.

Retired Syd

@ Sylvia: Thanks for the B&B recommendation--I checked out the website and it looks cute and reasonable--definitely will do next time instead of driving 8 hours to get 5 hours away!

Middle Way

Thank you for writing this post. We have been talking about just this issue recently. I too was of the mind that I would not enjoy driving long distances (I'm thinking of hour upon hour of blank highways...)whereas my husband feels it would be an adventure.

We have a vacation property that takes 3 1/2 hrs by plane to get to and we will, when the time comes, give driving out a go to save the 2 plane tickets, transfers etc!

Retired Syd

@MiddleWay: 3 1/2 hours by plane, how much does that translate to in driving? Seems like that would mean you might want to break up the trip and stay somewhere for a night (or three!) along the way. Hopefully there is something interesting to explore along the way!

Or maybe there are some friends you could work a visit in with along the way?

Early Retirement Middle Way

Hi Syd;

I think it will up being 4 days of driving--probably will end up being 5 - 6 if done leisurely, with sightseeing and visiting in between.

After doing it once, we'll be able to decide if it is for us, if it was a fun adventure and after factoring the cost of accomodations and sightseeing, was it enough of a savings?

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