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November 08, 2008


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Dont worry. Sarah Palin is still around. You can start bashing her now to make sure she doesnt run in 2012, which would be, dare I say it: against Barack Obama.
Looks like theyre off to a real good start. Anynomous tips about her defunct wardrobe, how she answered the door of her hotel room in a towel, how she went on shopping sprees.
Obama supports have plenty of fodder to go around.

Retired Syd

Im guessing for most Democrats, Sarah Palin is yesterdays news. I dont think were concerning ourselves much with her anymore.

Ironically, its the Republicans that are keeping the news cycle about her alive. Fox News is having her on Greta Van Susteren on Monday. Its a shame that they need to try and find a reason that McCain lost. He didnt lose because of Sarah Palin, he lost because of Barack Obama.


Hilarious episode from the Onion! The great thing about the Onion is that you could actually imagine this as a real broadcast on cable. LOL!

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