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December 08, 2008


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jennifer youngblood

I wonder if this will be true for me, in somewhat of an opposite situation. I am nearing the end of my graduate school career, and I eagerly anticipate having a "real" job. Except, I've only ever been a student. This is my before. I can think about a real job (my after), I can fantasize about not being a student anymore, but do I really know? Nope. Perhaps I will have fog of "in between" grad school and the real job, even though I will be working at the real job during the fog...

Retired Syd

@Jennifer: It seems to me that when you start your "real job" you will be so inundated in it that you really will feel like you're "doing it" right away, with not so much fog.

But in the bigger picture, building your career, perhaps you will feel a little "in between" since that, like transitioning to retirement, is more of a process than a final destination.

Sylvia B

Wow. I remember that years ago we were focusing, in Ontario education, on something called "The Transition Years" (grades 7,8,9) and I kept commenting that we were misleading kids in a terrible way if we were communicating to them that there were only these three years of transition. I'd often say that what we should be teaching kids is that life is a series of jangling transitions and the critical thing was to know how to move through ambiguity and change. Yes, for sure, the move from grad school to working is a huge transition, as is getting married - or un-married, having kids, having kids leave home, getting married or un-married again, watching parents grow old and on and on it goes. This is what makes life interesting I suppose. As I try to work my way into retirement (hhmm, interesting turn of phrase?) I'm realizing that celebration of the transition - brain-fog and all - is (perhaps ... hopefully) the key to doing this with some grace.

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