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December 12, 2008


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Andy @ Retire at 40

Wow, it looks like you did well. There's nothing more satisfying that seeing a job done well over the space of a day or two. Also, doing projects in work takes weeks or months and it's rare you get that same satisfaction.

Hope the landscaping turns out exactly how you want it.

Early Retirement Middle Way

Great job! Looks fabulous!

Middle Way

Great job! Looks fabulous!

Steve @ brip blap

Hah! Exactly - you'd rather be exhausted for doing something that you feel proud of doing rather than something that you feel sick of doing. Since we're all working on the assumption that life is busy and we're going to be tired one way or another, better to be tired doing something you like, right? Good reminder :)


It may not be finished, but you have a lovely back yard. Enjoying spending time there instead of doing tax returns is ANOTHER reason to be where you are. Plus, you got a workout and the satisfaction of DIY. *smile*


Looks good and I'd rather be doing something wonderful in my backyard than at work.

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