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January 25, 2009


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Ahhhhhhhhh, so you've also fallen victim to the occasional afternoon nap. Yihaaaaaaaaaaaa, it isn't just me.

Enjoyed this post very much. To regain one's life is very liberating! And yes, life after retiring is much "younger" than life during working years no matter what the chronological age.

Peace and continued discoveries,


Great post. I'm really looking forward to it.


Wonderful post. You have me yearning to be retired. 2027 seems so far off now :-(


Since you enjoy social networking and knitting, are you a member of the Ravelry? It's like Facebook for knitters. You post pictures of what you're working on and there are forums so you can socialize with other knitters.

It's kind of easy to lose hours of time browsing it, but every knitter I know loves it.

Middle Way

Your post summarizes what I hope to find with full out retirement.

I sort of am getting a taste now with my approach to living but I yearn to enjoying full time retirement for a while before deciding what to do next.


This is giving me hope. I am facing an empty nest this fall after home schooling my children through high school. It is kind of like retirement for me but my husband is still a few years away from retirement and I have been worried that we will just be old and lonely in the next stage of life. Maybe there is hope that we feel younger?

Retired Syd

@Sandy, wow, you've got a lot to adjust to! Not just the empty nest and retirement, but adjusting to a life where you aren't as focused on doing for others. Now, how to figure out what you want to be doing for yourself, and to go ahead and do it guiltlessly.

Too bad your husband isn't retiring at the same time, I could see that being a little lonelier. Seems like maybe a volunteer gig might be a good bridge for you until your husband retires. Then, you'll still be dabbling in that giving role and you will meet some people so you won't be so lonely with the empty house.

Give it some time, it may be tough in the beginning . .

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