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January 12, 2009


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In my 'not working' life, I am finding the exact same thing. I am going to places and running errands at times that I would be otherwise in my cubicle or in a work meeting. (BTW, I am surprised at how crowded the library is on a weekday at 2.30pm.)

When I was working, I used to get mildly annoyed that those who had other options still came shopping at exactly the times when us workers were forced to. So now I stay away, and I even think of it as doing a small favor to all my working friends, because I am reducing the rush by a wee bit by not being there.



The thing I always think of in this regard is flights - I'm usually stuck with whatever schedule and price (and stopover!) is available the evening my vacation time starts; but my parents have the luxury to buy last-minute, put off a trip a week or two if necessary, and fly at all sorts of weird days and hours.

Retired Syd

@Ram: I never thought of it that way, that since we can help alleviate the rush at busy times, it is more considerate of those who have the time to try and do just that.

@Guiness: That's definitely a great perk, to be able to act upon last minute travel deals, not just for the convenience but also for the cost savings!


Hey, Syd....

Now that I am free from paid work, I wouldn't be caught dead in the stores during the "after work" hours or on weekends.

Nothing altruistic about that; I can't stand the crowds.

We are so lucky to have the option of when to run errands, do food shopping, etc. Even if we surely didn't gain much time (as you have said) during retirement.

Best wishes,

Ann Alka WorkingBoomer

This is a good article with a good point. I still work full time. When I go out to shop, I often wonder why I as so many retirement age people in stores at the busy time of the day. I have promised myself the luxury of shopping when it is not busy when I retire.

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