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February 18, 2009


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Kari Lubitz

We should put you in charge of our budget. I think the first thing you would do is adopt out our kids. Our budget would immediately be cut in half (or less). I do like staying at Four Seasons in the room with a balcony and a view. Hmmm. Its a good thing Michael loves working--it is a whole lot different when you like going to work and you are your own boss. Having Michael as your boss, not so much fun. Its a dilemma.

Retired Syd

Kari: I was just about to say that it would be nice if Doug would want to keep working to keep us in nice hotels. But then I realized retirement wouldn't be any fun if he were working!

Canadian Dream

It's amazing how much people don't get it. Governments throw money at problems hoping to fix them. People throw money at problems hoping to fix them. In the end, the fix usual doesn't even need much money.

Great post and congratulations on your first year of freedom. I love reading your blog.


Retired Syd

Thanks Tim. I must admit I didn't get it until now either. It was a really great "ah ha!" for me.



If this is even partially true, your connection to happiness vs. 'low spending' is really insightful. There is the growing field of happiness research (Daniel Gilbert etc.) and I need to check if they mention this connection.

Of course, the real thing would be if the reverse also applied. "Does low spending lead to increased happiness?!" If one takes a very long term view, it might actually apply.


Retired Syd

@Ram: It's probably not just limited to spending. When people aren't feeling like they are happy or fulfilled, they may spend, drink, do drugs, engage in reckless behavior, buy a red Ferarri, or join a cult, for example.

As a side note, I probably drink less in retirement too, but for me the decrease in spending is a more dramatic difference.

Quotes About Happiness

That's interesting. As we let go of our purchases and consumerism, we become more happy.

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