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February 02, 2009


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Planning on retiring in two years and am enjoying learning from your experiences.

Jules @ The Francophile Files

Ah! Interesting post. Well I'll have to start scheduling in the "happy activities" now so I can get used to doing that for the very far away future of retirement. Plus, I'll have a better chance for having more "happy time" in the present.

Thanks for the good insight.


ok...so what are your 5 most happy activities??? As your friend, Steve, says...spill!!!


5 things that make me happy:
1) Travelling to new places
2) Reading good books
3) Eating great food (whether I cooked it, restaurant, or whatever)
4) Conversations with great friends
5) Sleeping in :)

These are activities that I can do while still working, but will be doing a lot more of when I retire. I just wish it would come sooner!

Retired Syd

Thanks to all you new commenters for your comments and for reading!

@Mintycake: now that I read your list it reminds me that sleeping in is probably one of mine too and I do that already every single day in retirement! I'm beginning to think 5 things is too small a list to pick one from every day to make sure I'm doing them--think I will expand to 10.

@Sara: I'm reluctant to publish the list, though.


I think that your list might be similar to Mintycake's..... (What a good name...Mintycake...YUMMY YEAH)

Canadian Dream

Actually there is a lot to be said about making more time for things that make you happy. I know I've put more time into my day for writing and took on a huge writing project. Now for most people that would be stressful, but I'm having a great time doing this. I'm researching, reviewing some old favorite books and generally having a good time seeing my word count grow each day.

I've learned the hard way, if you don't make time to do happy things you just end up getting bitchy.


Amatur Projects

now I know it..

Ann Alka WorkingBoomer

Great post! I must remember this when I get to retire. Making a list will be amuse for me.

nick smith

I left England 11 years ago & moved to Thailand with my Thai wife. We opened a bar & guesthouse & had great fun for 10 years. We retired a year ago. I'm now 55. More time for reading, study & exercise. Seems pretty perfect. Maybe it's a guilt thing or maybe after a busy life, it just takes time to downshift a bit. nick

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