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April 27, 2009


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Ok Syd, now I've seen said haircut and I like it, but then I'm a woman who admires gutsy new cuts on women and men usually like to see their women with a little more hair on their heads. It must make them feel less masculine, like they are the ones that are supposed to have short hair or balding heads.....

I too have forgotten about the old days when I got up and drove to the office and although I may take it for granted, I also realize that I can't go back to an office like that again.

But I can create a new work life and that is ok. So, I say you've got many lives within this lifetime and you get to recreate yourself over and over, improve on what you don't like and keep what you do. Your at the next crossroads, have fun recreating your new life in this lifetime!


Dear Syd:

It is SO over, the working thing! Last night we went out for an early happy hour at Il Fornio. I was sitting there, sipping my beer, scarfing free happy hour appetizers and suddenly strange people started filling the bar, dressed in office clothes with their briefcases. And it really hit me...these people are working stiffs. You said it, we are taking this retired life for granted. However, I did have some sympathy for them. They did seem to be enjoying themselves.

retiredsyd's dad

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