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April 04, 2009


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Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Hehe, you're funny! I'm sure you look great but there never seems to be enough time for exercise right? I better get into the habit now since apparently, waiting for retirement just isn't realistic or effective. Please, no more removing the lovely myths of retirement ; ). Ha!

Retired Syd

Full disclosure--don't want to paint too rosy of a picture! No false advertising here!

Cindy Maxwell

Hey Syd!
I've been following your posts now for a couple of months. Well done blog!
I retired just five months ago. I began bicycling with my local bike club three days a week and it has been fabulous! Not only does it help give my week structure but I've lost about ten pounds and made many new friends. So now I have accountability buddies, time for an activity that I love and I'm healthier than I have ever been in my life. I'm having so much fun!
Cindy Maxwell

Retired Syd


That's excactly what I need. I was thinking if I worked to train for some event (like a 10k or something--but NOT running, something else) that I could commit to. Except, I don't think I love biking enough (and certainly not running)--I need to think of something else.

Maybe it's just a new activity I need to add to the mix to get motivated--not sure what that is yet, though. Preferably something close to free.


Ok Syd.

With all the fun you are having in retirement, you should be happy that you have not gained a pound!!!!

Still Wicked


My own experience was that time was required to be very healthy (go to gym, prepare meals at home, etc....) but I did not get started until I got a real kick-in-the-pants kind of motivation from 2 factors. One was breaking off a lengthy relationship and re-entering the dating world (in which I met the hubby, a story for the other time); and the other motivation was visiting a friend at the hospital and seeing all of the very sick people that were there due to obesity, lack of exercise. It was a real wake-up call.


Oh my goodness Syd you've hit a hot button here for sure. I, too, started retirement with this fantasy that I'd spend time every day exercising and that within six months I'd be in terrific shape. Well, six months has almost passed and I'm the same weight as I was when I retired. I guess it could be worse; all of this lethargy means I could have plumped up and at least that hasn't happened. Knowing I'm not alone in this is certainly a help. Too bad we don't live closer together; I still think an exercise partner would make a huge difference.


Yea, you need a motivating exercise partner. Having one has changed my life. Having her curse me out while groaning through lunges is as effective as it gets. If it wasn't for her I'd be on the treadmill bored as hell flipping through an US Weekly.

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