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May 19, 2009


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Philip Brewer

Cars seem particularly prone to that. I've known many people who had a perfectly good car and (for reasons that they often can't even articulate) decided to "upgrade."

I came dangerously close to it myself, when my car was 4 or 5 years old. I couldn't find a near car I liked better than my old car for less than $20,000, so I ended up keeping my old car. It lasted until it was 17.



More great, great observations ... Post-retirement, I am increasingly finding brand-poseurs so transparent and, frankly, very boring ...

Regards, Dennis


Great thoughtful post, Syd. Since I am a "thrifter" I find that much of my shopping can be compared to the thrill of the hunt. There is nothing like it when you find that item you've been looking for(to replace a worn out item) and look, it's 25% of what I would pay retail!


a thoughtful post, as always.

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