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June 29, 2009


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Hi Syd

If you are interested in coming to the north west of england I would like to houseswap with you, we are planning on going to california in 2011.

Judi Smith

Hi Syd--Tom's sister who lives in Orlando Fl has done several home exchanges with homeexchange.com. She had a great experience with them-- she exchanged her lovely home for a villa in France two years ago and just recently for an apt in Prague. Everything worked out really well and there were no problems on either end. I think it is a really good idea--good luck in your searches. J

S. B.

Interesting post. Our family has rented various different rental houses when we go on vacation and we always take care of the place very well. This behavior invariably leads to some sort of comment from the owner along the lines of: "Wow. Thanks for leaving the house in good shape. You wouldn't believe how many people trash the place." This is one reason why my wife and I are so leary of buying a second home and renting it out.

With a principal residence, I would think there could be even more angst if something went wrong. With a rental unit, you don't have to live in it, your favorite things (probably) aren't in it, and you might have a property management place handling all the problems. Maybe I am just overly paranoid about this stuff, but the idea of temporarily renting out our principal residence sounds scary to me! On the other hand, you may be right that if you swap with another homeowner, then they have a lot of incentive to treat you the way you would like to be treated.

Good luck with your searches!

Retired Syd

@Dreamer, Wow, a blind date, huh?

@Judi, That's great to hear--she's been to some great locations!

@SB, I'm like you, treating rental property with respect, but I'm wondering if the fact that people have to pay actual money leads some to think, "I don't really have to take very good care of this, I AM after all PAYING them good money." In a swap I'm more likely to think "Wow, this person was so nice to let me stay here for FREE--I will be nice back to them."

We'll see whether reality proves to be as I predict--our first trade in a week . . .

Newly Retired

We rented out our future retirement home for 4 years - only 1 tenant who didn't take good care of it, and that cleaned up ok. Of course, it is in a retirement community (The Villages, FL) and mostly we rented only to retirees (a few visiting families in summer).

I think you will find that renting/exchanging with other retirees is different than to the general public.

I just discovered this blog and we are very interested in exchanging rather than renting now that we are retired ourselves and no longer renting.

Plus, renters would expect everything to be cleaned out (fridge, freezer, pantry, closets, dressers, bathrooms) while exchangers would not, just need SOME room for their stuff.


Just wanted to comment on the online dating aspect of your post since Ive gone through this in the last year or so. Im separated now since coming home from Afghanistan to a crumbling marriage, and, of course, eventually found myself on two online dating sites. I found I had to lower my expectations from finding a match, to just finding someone to watch a movie with and have a good dinner. Anything after that is icing on the cake. As long as they are halfway good looking, and carry on a decent conversation, the evenings are usually fun. Sometimes the first date leads to something a bit more serious, but usually not. That doesnt make it a worthless experience. You just have to realie what you are getting into. So, I imagine the house exchange idea is very similar. Lowering expectations is the best way to start. Best of luck to you. Great, great blog.

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