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August 21, 2009


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I agree with you Syd, I love going away, to get to spend some quality time with my DH and to be in a different environment, its good for the soul.


There's a reason why Penelope Trunk got fired from her last job. Her writings weren't sitting well with her previous boss. So, I wouldn't take what she says/writes to heart.

Why do we travel? The answer is simple:

Because we can!

I'm wrapping up my 3 weeks on the New England coastline and getting ready for my next gig: 11 days in Italy.

As for Penelope: she can go suck on an egg.


Well Syd...You are pretty sweet yourself. And I can definitely understand why you want that man all to yourself!

I also like that "because i can" reason...especially now that our destinations seem so uncrowded. It is a great time to travel! Where's your next trip?

My #1 reasons for traveling..to see new things, new cultures, and meet new people. We're off to ALASKA today!


@Sara - That man truly is pretty cool!


Syd: Two shallow reasons to go on a cruise: No food left in the house and unlimited bacon on ship!

Ret.Syd's Dad


To retired Syd's Dad, Too cool!


I too find their arguments deeply foolish. It is like saying that if you love your spouse, you must now abandon all contact with other human beings, because you have found the perfect one. Silly.

And she sets up a foolish conflict. As if going for a walk everyday/meditating is somehow in conflict with taking a vacation. You'll take the vacation anyway -you might as well try a few things you cannot do in your quotidian life.

RB @ Financial Samurai

Hi Syd - Thanks for stopping by Financial Samurai earlier this morning. I'm glad to have discovered your site too! I'll have to do some retirement studying over here b/c I've got about 10 more years until I may very well call it quits and enjoy the retirement life in my early 40's.

Vacationing is the best, b/c experiences are the most rewarding! I imagining publishing one morning on a cruise ship to Rome and coming back and interacting with all the readers. I think it would be fantastic!




At home I have lots of family nearby, regular activities, and housework. On vacation I get to partici[ate in activities not available to me where I live - like hiking in mountains, hanging out at the ocean... And my husband and I really vacation well together. Definately worth it.


Travel is life and I now have a fantastic photography hobby. Travel is on-hands education in so many ways. Traveling is in my blood starting with my wonderful parents.
"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St Augustine

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