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August 13, 2009


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Ah, the subway schlep to or from the Airport. My wife and I decided to save some money on the way to the airport So we took the subway from our midtown hotel to the financial district for a short look around, then a walk across the brooklyn bridge. Thankfully we traveled light, so we only had a small case with wheels and a small shoulder bag. It got a touch hot crossing the bridge, but being there was worth it. Then a short walk to the nearest subway station in brooklyn and we were off to JFK.


As a native New Yorker, I know there are cabs now from the airport to midtown Manhattan for a flat fee of $50 as per law. Also, what about the new JFK train to the plane and vice versa?

You couldn't afford the $50 bucks?

Syd, it seems to me, based on your own farewells to the luxury lifestyle you had become accustomed to, you really don't want to say good bye to it. How are you going to keep 'em down on the farm, after they've seen Paree'?(Paris)

Eventually, trust me, you will one day get sick of all the penny pinching and frugality. Especially, if you've had luxurious trips before.

In a way, I'm glad I never once took a luxury vacation. It has to be 'such a good deal!" or I stay home.

Good luck on enjoying New York. There are tons and tons of amazing deals out there (broadway shows, restaurants, shopping). All you need is a little bit of dough and a dream.

Have fun!!!!!!!

Retired Syd

@James, Brooklyn Bridge--well worth it, we've walked that twice and I'm sure will be up for it this trip, so beautiful. And on the other side we can see Barge Music one night and then subway back home.

@Morrison: I guess it sounded like I was complaining--au contraire! I loved that we could save 50 bucks (two ways, you may be forgetting, for a total of $100, plus tip!). And yes, that JFK train was part of the travels, very nice actually.

Walked the new High Line park today, also so lovely and FREE! Well worth your tax dollars, thank you very much. And how 'bout this weather? So cool so far . . .

I sure do love your neck of the woods!


My #2 daughter is planning her wedding at the new High Line. #1 lives in the Heights, off the Brooklyn Bridge.

There are lots of free things to do in the city.


Retired Syd

Wow, what a spectacular setting for a wedding!

Chad @ Sentient Money

I love eating a late dinner, but so few cities are actually up for it.


Your worship of NYC is so amusing to me. I grew up in shadows (in Joisey) but can't say i miss it at all after 28 years in CT.

Retired Syd

Many of my friends that are not from NY feel exactly the same way you do, "you can have it" they say--a few won't even come here at all.

Me, I feel so alive here. We spent a week in Tahoe last month and I kept saying "it's just a bunch of pine trees!" No one can understand why I hate Tahoe, "Sydney--it's so beauuuuutiful!"

Me, I'll take the city over nature any day of the week. I prefer man-made beauty. I acknowledge I am WAY in the minority here . . .

(For the record, I love SF too, but so cold and foggy, you can't eat dinner at all hours of the night, the public transportation is not nearly as good, you can't buy soymilk at 1am, I could go on and on.)


My problem is that I love the city and the country. How can you not love having a spectacular dinner at 11 and drinks until 4 AM with a happening crowd?

Of course, how can you not love hiking through some beautiful forests and grilling out under the stars with some good beer. The stars away from city lights are flat out amazing.

Retired Syd

@Chad: That doesn't sound like a problem at all, appreciating both! I guess the problem is that you can't live in two places at once, huh?



you should write a travel blog. (Do it - I'm bossy like that.)

I can't wait to hear what else you say about your trip!


I have the same love of cities...i feel alive in NY. We just got back and I miss it already...


It's all true, NY , SF and the country they are all great in the right proportion. Here in Colorado its fantastic!!

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