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August 18, 2009


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Oh no!!

Remember, they meet again at the apt they bought together. Carrie is back looking to pick up her heels and Big shows up. Of course, after some amazing sex they are back together!!


Another great read, Syd! This reminds me of the downpour we experienced one 4th of July in Savanna. Fireworks over the river and drenching warm rain. So unCalifornia!

I love Sex and the City anything..... Just think...maybe next summer you can watch the next movie that they are making now!!!

Retired Syd

Art: Aah, yes, I do remember that part. Wasn't there also something, though, where Jennifer Hudson hadn't really deleted all of Big's messages and showed them to Carrie or something? Was that after or before they met up in the apartment?

Sara: Wow, I didn't realize they were making another one--I guess I'm kind of out of it, huh?


Most New Yorkers carry a fold up, micro, minnie umbrella in their hand bags.

Now, you know.

Retired Syd

Many did--but believe me--it was of no use . . .


Sounds like fun. Years ago I attended a Paul Simon concert in Central Park; no rain but 500,000 people. What an amazing city New York is ... even with the downpours. So tell us more about the crowd ... who was there?

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