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October 23, 2009


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Chris Ocenasek

Wow! Thank you for helping me understand my discontent in retirement, and why I've been needing to challenge myself. I have lived my whole life in CA, and then 2 weeks after retiring from a job I loved, my husband and I moved to Iowa, where I had no friends or family. Talk about being out of my comfort zone! The 1 1/2 yrs. since retiring have been the most challenging of my life! And yet, having been a daily walker for 20 years, I still walk in the #%&!! snow, all bundled up, almost daily. Sometimes I think I must be crazy to do that, but now I understand, thanks to your post! So glad I found your blog! Chris

Retired Syd

Thanks for your comment Chris. I can't even imagine picking up and leaving California for a place with no friends or family (well unless it was somewhere a little more like Manhattan!) It's hard enough to adjust to retired life, moving to Iowa--I can't even fathom how challenging that must have been.

Try New Things

This was a timely post for me. I retired 10 months ago now and sometimes I do experience this vague floating anxiety when I have nothing 'important' lined up.

But I think I need to redefine important also. Important was always a thing that someone else needed from me, a boss, my children and now I need to define important as something I am doing for myself. Going for a run, planning a trip, surfing the net, writing my blog. These all seemed like they were too fun to be 'important'.

So great post to identify that 'discomfort' and let me know that it is pretty normal!

Retired Syd

Try New Things: Well that's the secret, isn't it? Learning that what's important to us is really important.

hariprabhu k

I am retired man two years passed after retirement, spending time in doing yoga,walking,cycling ,aerobic, reading books even though engaged in all activities i feel boredom sometimes what i have to do further.I am visiting neighbouring state seeing some friends and relatives.Though sometime feel depressed mood.

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