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October 07, 2009


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Yes, I am glad I will be a able to live another day (with you of course XOXOXO!



r4i kort

True retirement means we have finally moved from denial to acceptance of the "R" word, often the reality faced appears to grow worse with each passing day. A recent quote that said "Americans are much better spenders than savers", So too, "Retirees are much better spenders than savers".



I really enjoy your blog. The information - exchange is helping me get perspective on my 8/1/2010 retirement date at 54. All the stars lined up for me - but a lot of the emotional issues - and financial - that you discuss are relevant - keep it up. I'm reading your archives now!


Retired Syd

@Joe: I'm so glad you are enjoying it, thank you! Congratulations on your retirement, right around the corner. I hope you'll chime in from time to time on your experience adjusting.

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